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Welcome to my portfolio website!

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Who am I?

I'm Nienke Kersten, a graphic designer and art director, currently brewing up the next - and best - powerfood company called Yamba Health together with a great bunch of people. Other than this tiny update this portfolio website of mine is way way waaaay old (but a work in progress), so if you’d like to know a bit more about my most recent endeavours give me a shout at and I’ll tell you all about them <3.

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These are some of the 'Thank You!'-Posters I made at INDIE Amsterdam.
Made with only paper, scissors and glue. 29,7 x 21 cm.

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The idea was to make a gift to give to people who collaborated with INDIE, after finishing a project. These posters were my colorful way of saying 'Thank You!'.

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'The Book of Floaters' is a book I made for my final exam-project at KABK. It's about floaters: small protein-structures that float around in one's eye fluid. 17 x 24 cm.

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Floaters look like semi-transparent threads and/or spots that track your sight with a slight delay. They mostly become visible when you stare at the blue sky.

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This is the way I presented the Book of Floaters during the final exam-exhibition. On the wall you can see floater forms I designed and filled out during 1 month.

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Another picture of the exhibition.

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A couple of months after I started working at INDIE Amsterdam, we won the pitch for Tele2. Ever since, I've been the (very strict) guard concerning anything CID-related. Such as these very colorful abri's.

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In 2015 Tele2 opened their first store, in Amstelveen. They wanted the store opening to be as festive as possible. So I came up with an abri-campaign that included circus lights. Omdat het kan :)

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Tele2 asked INDIE to come up with a design for advertising on a tram.
Our creatives had the brilliant idea to make a tram filled with crazy cats. I made the design for it...

. 11 .

...And I was cheeky enough to give my own cat, Minoes, her very own
30 days of fame (hint: she's white with black ears).

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This is a poster I designed for Tele2 to celebrate the fact that their
4G-network was rewarded with a 9 by independent research. Hurrah!

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'Knikkerkapitalen' is a typeface I designed to be used as start-capitals. For the design I was inspired by glass marbles.

. 14 .

Here you see all the characters of the font one by one. The font is called 'Knikkerkapitalen', by the way, because 'knikker' is the Dutch word for glass marble.

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This is a sample-booklet I made to promote my new type-design.
It's a funny little booklet in which I also used the elements of the font to decorate the booklet with. 13,5 x 19,5 cm.

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This is an abri I designed for Amstel Radler at INDIE Amsterdam.
It was displayed during 1 week at 2319 different locations across the Netherlands...

. 17 .

...Including Muntplein in Amsterdam :)

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With this booklet I made an attempt to re-design 'Hoofdlijn', a Dutch magazine for amateur Draught-players. I wanted to make the subject of draughts look more exciting and appealing. And a good excuse to make a square booklet! 15 x 15 cm.

. 19 .

This was a handdrawn sketch for a booklet about the beauty of nature, and about changing your pace, which can help you see nature's wonders more easily and more clearly. I myself love the drawing of the stem of the platanus-tree (n˚ 5). 18 x 10 cm.

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Gert Dumbar once gave the assignment to design a typeface that would make him laugh. I basically made a remake of Anthon Beeke's naked ladies alphabet, but then made the 'Bold' version, using one particularly heavy lady. Mister Dumbar laughed out loud and rewarded this project with a 9.

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For a fictive exhibition in The Hague I designed these program-booklets made with Ascii-Art, of which I am a great fan. I also made the map of
The Hague in Ascii, it's on the spread in the middle of the booklet.
13,5 x 19,5 cm.

. 22 .

Here you can see a pattern I made using Ascii, I used this pattern as endpapers for the Parallel Places-booklet.

. 23 .

And this is an animation of all the different logo's I designed for the Parallel Places-booklet. They all, one way or another, consist of the letters PP.

. 24 .

I designed the corporate identity for Lotte Bosschieter Photography.
This included a logo, business cards, thank you-notes, giftcards, the corporate identity-manual, and, still in the making: a portfolio website.

. 25 .

The business cards have a lovely gold foil-printed logo on the front.

. 26 .

These are some envelopes I designed for an art history-project.
It's not conceptual, it's just something I really wanted to do,
which is making patterns.

. 27 .

These are all the envelopes together.

. 28 .

This was a design I made for the Dutch postal stamps. 4 x 3 cm.

. 29 .

Dutch postal stamps only have a 1 or 2 on them nowadays,
depending on the weight of the letter/card/etc.

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This is my business card. 8,5 x 5,5 cm.

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January 2015-now: Designer at creative advertising agency INDIE Amsterdam.

2013-2014: Parttime sales-assistant and DTP-function at Lowie Kopie Copycenters in Amsterdam.

2012-now: Several freelance design projects, such as packaging- and corporate identity designs.

2008-2012: Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague. Graduated in 2012.

2010-2012: 'Practicum Musicae': a course in vocal jazz, taken at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

2011: (january-march) Internship at Hansje van Halem, in Amsterdam.

2010: 'Marketing Management Binnen de Kunsten', a course (in Dutch) about marketing in the arts.

2007-2008: Worked 1 year at BrandReality, a consumer-related marketing agency in Amsterdam.

2001-2007: St. Ignatiusgymnasium in Amsterdam. Graduated in 2007.


2009: 'Iedereen = Anders', Exhibition in the Affichegallerij in The Hague, The Netherlands.

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